Lakeland Laser Engineering

E-Turn 52 - tube bending

Lakeland Laser’s new fully automated E-Turn tube bending system performs complex, highly accurate bending processes in 12 axis on pipe from 6 to 52mm in diameter.

Suitable for both short and long batch runs, the fast, fully electric multi-tool stack machine can make left and right bends, variable radius bends, tight radius bends as small as 1-D, compound bends and any combination thereof - allowing it to produce complex tubular components ranging from chair frames to coiled heat exchanger piping.

Lakeland Laser’s E-Turn machine is matched to a comprehensive 3D CAD system that allows quick, accurate programming. The system, which is self loading and unloading, then selects optimal bending parameters to produce consistently perfect components, cost effectively and at the fastest rate possible with little or no waste.

Features of Lakeland Laser’s E-Turn system:

  • Fully automated setups with no mechanical adjustment
  • Rapid programming, with change-over in as little as 2 to 3
  • Fixed and variable radius in-process right and left bending, with
    multiple radius tooling carried on the tool head stack reducing
    downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • Enhanced controllability and repeatability.
  • Productivity as much as 20% better than hydraulic machines.
  • Maximum flexibility through reduced dimension of the bending
    head and the free bending and variable radius positioning.
  • Even the most complex tubular components can be completed
    in just one cycle.
  • Self loading and unloading.
  • Simple, very quick 3D interactive, touch screen graphic


Click Here to view Lakeland Laser tubular samples

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