Lakeland Laser Engineering


NEW! Advanced Laser Tube Cutting
Building on its extensive experience and expertise in laser cutting technology, Lakeland have introduced the latest in high speed, tube cutting and profiling technology. Driven by the latest 3D design software, the advanced BLM Group LT722D machine represents the next generation in tubular component manufacture. Ideal for small batch production, but also fast enough full long runs, the LT722D, augmented by Lakeland’s advanced new E-Turn tube bender, represents a major service asset for Lakeland’s clients. MORE...

NEW! Advanced Tubular Component Manufacture
Alongside the Company’s new LT722D tube cutting technology, the Company has introduced advanced electric tube bending. The new BLM E-Turn machine is significantly faster than hydraulic, is highly accurate and self loading. Working with a wide range of square and round section tubes, E-Turn is ideal for both prototyping and small batches, it is also fast enough for large production runs. MORE...



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