Lakeland Laser Engineering

LT722D Laser tube cutting

At the leading edge of tube laser cutting, Lakeland Laserís tube cutting capability is simply amazing. Utilising BLM Groupís world- leading technology, Lakeland Laser now provides a full spectrum of even the most demanding cutting operations on a wide range of tube sections and diameters.

Utilising advanced CNC software capable of laser profiling the most complex intersections, the LT722D laser tube cutting system can form highly efficient interlocking joints or perfectly matching butt joints without the need for expensive special tooling or jigs. The LT722D laser tube cutting system provides a much higher production rate. This, combined with a unique level of flexibility and automatic adjustments, makes the system ideal for small batches as well as larger runs.

Ideal for manufacturing kits, frames and flat pack items, the software is so advanced and accurate that complex tubular frames can be manufactured entirely using interlocking joints. Once constructed, frames can often be locked in place by just a single spot weld, reducing the skill requirements and making impressive savings during finishing.

Features of Lakeland Laserís LT722D laser cutting system:

  • Tube capacity up to 152mm diameter, maximum length 8500mm.
  • High level of productivity with changeovers in less than 3 minutes.
  • Fully CNC programmable adjustments.
  • Tubular component database includes thousands of filed applications, minimising the need for special programming.
  • Fast programming means design to finished part in less than 10 minutes.
  • Fully automated handling from bundle, including measuring, feeding, seam location, cutting and unloading.
  • Minimum waste.

Lakeland Laser Ėleading the way in laser profiling, laser cutting and tube laser cutting

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